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Aerial View of Ancient Intaglios

Aerial View of Ancient Intaglios

After two weeks boondocking in the desert outside of Quartzsite, AZ, we're about ready to raise the jacks and move to Yuma, AZ. But we'll still be here for a couple more days. We recently picked up a coupon for a free 3-night stay in a RV Park in Yuma. While there, we'll head across the border into Las Algadones, Mexico for a dentistry checkup and cleaning. Then it's back to the desert again near Borego Springs, CA.

While here in Quartzsite, we made a couple day trips to view some ancient "Intaglios" near Bythe, CA and Quartzsite, AZ. These are huge "geoglyphs" formed in the desert floor by scraping away the top dark rock, leaving the lighter colored dirt to show through. Fences were put up around them in 1974, but people had already drove around them, leaving tire tracks.

Here's a short video I made with an aerial view of these Intaglios:


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An Aerial Video Tour of "Boomerville" 2016
Friends and Family In Quartzsite, AZ

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