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Welcome to the Adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar.

Time Flies

Time Flies

I'm finally caught up and motivated to sit down to catch you up on our travels. When last we spoke, we were in Winchester Bay, Oregon....

(Sept 27-Oct 2) From there we proceeded south along the Oregon coast to Brookings, OR. There is an Elks Lodge we had been to before and we figured this was a good place to catch up on chores and to go see some BIG trees.

Having spent two weeks boondocking we had some laundry and thorough cleaning that needed to be done on the RV, so that took a couple of days to tackle. The top of the Redwood National Forest was about 30 miles from us, so we made an all day trip to explore and enjoy this beautiful part of the country.

After spending the summer in Alaska and seeing the small Black Spruce trees, I was in need of BIG trees and the Coastal Redwood trees fit the bill. We stopped in the Redwood Headquarters Visitor Center and picked up a map and the ranger circled a few recommended  stops. One of them was an old World War II radar station. You can read about it here:

Our next destination after leaving Oregon was to head to Reno NV for our summer employer's, CLM Services, quarterly meeting. It would take us a couple of days to get there. Along the way we stopped in Lincoln CA and stayed at Thunder Valley Casino (free overnight parking). This allowed us to visit some good friends in Loomis and for Larry to pick up the long awaited gimbal part for the drone.

We chose to stay at Grand Sierra Resort & Casino ($19 a night, FHU) in Reno for our 2 week stay (Oct 4-15). Larry was able to play with his drone a little, btw Larry is now the owner of a drone recovery system after getting the drone stuck in a 70' tree. We were able to safely recover the drone with minimal damage. We were also able to enjoy an Italian Festival in downtown before the meetings started.

After the meeting was over we were on our way to Arizona. We had reservations for the Casa Grande RV Resort on the 19th and it was going to take us a couple of days to get down there. Our first night on the road we made it to Tonopah and stayed at the Banc Club Casino's parking lot (free overnight parking).

We arrived a day early in Casa Grande which was fine since we had some cleanup to do before we headed out again, this time for a family reunion in San Jose del Cabo Mexico! Our daughter Cindy lives in San Tan Valley AZ which is about an hour north of us. She said she had plans the weekend we arrived in Casa Grande so we wouldn't be able to see her before we left for Mexico. I was sad but glad she was having fun spending time with her boyfriend.

On October 20th we flew out of Sky Harbor Airport. The plane took off an hour late due to a maintenance issue so we didn't arrive in MX until 4:30pm. Everyone else was already there and waiting for us by the pool bar. Hugs and kisses and hellos from everyone and then SURPRISE, our daughter Cindy was there!! My younger brother, Brian, had an unexpected extra ticket and generously offered it to Cindy. Cindy and Brian had been there a few days already so that is why Cindy was not able to meet up with us when we came to town, the little sneek, lol. The day after we arrived we headed to Cabo San Lucas for a prearranged meeting with some Boomer friends who were in port for the day. We started our adventure, with Cindy in tow, taking the local bus. This was a great savings, $15 for the 3 of us round trip versus by taxi for $80. We had a great time visiting with the Robniks and the Moores. We left Mexico 6 days later after many fun filled hot sticky days. I'm thinking next time we have a family reunion it needs to be someplace a little cooler.


We are now back in Arizona until mid January. We are enjoying the RV resorts amenities and we've already gone out to dinner with some Boomer friends who just happened by.

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2015 Alaska RV Adventure Photos
Family Visit and Winchester Bay, Oregon

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