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Our Travel Adventures

Welcome to the Adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar.

Grand Falls, AZ

After leaving the Petrified Forest National Park, we drove 90 miles to the Twin Arrows Casino and Resort. This is located near the very small town of Winona, about 20 miles east of Flagstaff, AZ. For my exhaust "regeneration" issue, we read somewhere to drive the motorhome like "we were running from the cops". So I did. Well, I drove it at 75mph (the speed limit) for 20 minutes. I usually drive the motorhome at 60mph. This felt very fast for us in the rig. The good news is, we didn't get the regeneration needed warning anymore (at least not yet).

Grand Falls
Grand Falls

The main reason we came to the casino was to visit the nearby Grand Falls. These water falls are like the chocolate waterfall in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. These falls were created by volcanic runoff from Merriam Crater and created a lava dam. The falls are fed by the snow melt and rain from the White Mountains and flows into the Little Colorado river.

Grand Falls
Grand Falls
Grand Falls is over 181 feet tall and known for the beautiful rainbows created by the impact and spray of the falls. For scale, Niagara Falls is 176 feet and the actual waterfall is only 70 feet due to rocks at the base. So yes, Grand Falls is taller than Niagara Falls!

360° photo of the falls

The Twin Arrows Casino and Resort welcomes RV's to spend the night (free). Of course, they're hoping you'll come in and gamble and have a bite to eat. We wanted to get some photos and update the information on the Casino Camper website we operate. This website lists information on "RV Friendly" casinos. We had dinner at the casino buffet for $15. Okay food, but the desert bar was great. I was happy Connie won enough on the slots to pay for our dinner.

We'll leave tomorrow, heading for Kingman, AZ. In case you missed it, we're on our way for a training meeting in Reno, AZ. We'll be teaching a couple classes for CLM Services. This is the outdoor recreation concessionaire we've worked with for the past 12+ years. We have 10 days to get there.

Location (Map)

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Our First Harvest Host Experience
Petrified Forest National Park, AZ

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