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Welcome to the Adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar.

September 2010 Travel Log

September 17, 2010 - Jackson Meadow Recreation Area, Tahoe National Forest, CA: I know it's been a very long time since I've updated our travel log. This is mainly that we haven't been traveling, and Connie is now extremely constant being on Facebook. We've been working again this summer in the Tahoe National Forest on northern California. Larry is a Operations Manager (District Manager) and Connie is the Camp Store Manager. Now that the busy camping season is over, we have time to relax and plan for this winter. We'll finish up here the end of October.

These past months have been fun and frustrating. If you've ever thought about being a camp host, feel free to email me. I manage 22 employees, with most of them being camp hosts. There's various levels of working as a camp host. In some locations, a camp host is an easy job (usually volunteer). At other places, it can be work, but not too hard. Then there's some places where the camp host works real hard. There's many factors that create the level of work. The number and size of the campgrounds, is here an office or not, how is fees collected, how many times a day, the number of toilets to clean, and how busy the campgrounds are all dictate how hard the camp host job will be. The ATTITUDE of the camp host is also EXTREMELY important. I've had camp hosts that have tough jobs, but do a great job and enjoy it because of their wonderful attitude. I've also have camp hosts who have a fairly easy job and complain about everything, making life difficult for themselves.

Connie's Camp Store Connie in HER Store
Connie's Camp Store Connie in HER Store

Connie and I plan to return back here again next year. If I haven't scared you away and you're interested in being a camp host, I'm starting to hire our staff for the 2011 camping season. Being a camp host can be very rewarding. I also need a few good maintenance men to work next summer.

Connie and I haven't done too much traveling or much exciting thee past few months. We have gotten away for a few weekends to relax, and enjoy the hot tub at a hotel. Out biggest adventure was a weekend getaway to Redding, California. We took a tour of the Shasta Caverns, which was pretty neat. These caverns aren't the best or most exciting we've visited, but they aren't the worst either. We also met some website friends in Susanville, CA for the day. They are volunteering at a BLM day use area for a couple months.

On a different subject, we've had our new Phaeton motor home for eight months now. And we still LOVE IT! Although we have the usual few minor things that need to be checked out for warranty, nothing major has happened. Life in this new home is more luxurious than before. It's many of the small differences that add up. A larger shower, a surround sound system, better heating and cooling, better insulation, more space, a king size air mattress, larger bathroom, and a larger closet all make living more comfortable. The diesel and mechanics are WONDERFUL compared to our old gas rig. All in all, we have no regrets on moving up to a larger and diesel coach. I just can't wait to get on the road again instead of sitting still in one place.

Our remaining time here will go fast. Then we can start traveling again. This winter, we plan to go north to Idaho in November, if the weather is still good. Then we'll go west into Washington state to visit our daughter and grand daughters. We plan to stick around Washington most of November, visiting and getting some minor work done on the motor home before the warranty expires. In early December, we'll start to head to warmer weather in Arizona. We'll spend Christmas with our other daughter and catch up on medical issues. In mid January, we plan to spend time in Quartzsite, Arizona again with our Escapee Boomer friends. Other than these few planned events, our winter is going to be a free-for-all. We'll wing it, staying in the Southwest all winter. Then in early April, we head back to Northern California for another working summer.

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