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Our Travel Adventures

Welcome to the Adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar.

France's World War II Maginot Line

France's Maginot Line Placement A4

August 16th   Today was mainly a driving day (Connie say's they are all driving days). However, this was a 4½ hour drive to be close to the France/Germany border. Our destination was another free Aire in Pfaffenhoffen, France. This free Aire is provided by the town and was great, with free water and dumping, and cheap electricity. We got 12 hours of electric for €6 ($7.20 US), but was mo...

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We finally made it to Europe (again)!

Back in France!

August 10th It's been over 35 years since we were last here, when we lived in Germany for three years (USAF). This trip all started with an very early morning on August 10th. Waking up at 3:00am, we caught a shuttle to the Phoenix airport. Arriving at PHX, we had to present our passport, proof of our COVID vaccinations, and a form letter from France where we would confirm we hadn't been in contact...

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Europe, Here We Come! (I hope)

We had heard there was a Bobcat with a couple kittens in the area of our home, but we never saw them... until the other day. I installed a camera at the front of the house that alerts us and records when there's motion. The other evening, the camera recorded the three bobcats. They came out from the side of our house and crossed the driveway. Here's the short video that was captured.  I ...

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