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Our New Zealand "Epic" Adventure 2022 Ends

Hawaii-Beach Keneoha Bay, Hawaii
Bellows Recreation Area

While we were in Hawaii, I took the opportunity to visit five different U.S. Military Recreation Areas. We took photos, some videos, and gathered current information on these four locations to update my U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks website. 

During our trip to the island of Hawaii, and over a couple days in Oahu, we visited:

  • Kilauea Military Camp Recreation Area: Located on the big island of Hawaii, this recreation area is right in the middle of the Volcanoes National Park. A large variety of guest lodging and cabins are available for rent.
  • Pililaau Army Recreation Area: Located on the northwest area of Oahu. This is slightly remote, located away from all of the tourist areas. It's a nice beach area with cottages that qualified military personnel can rent for family vacations.
  • Barbers Point Recreation Area: Another beach area with a variety of beach cottages for rent. A pretty busy area, as it was closer to Honolulu.
  • Hale Koa Outdoor Recreation Area: Located on the eastern shore of Oahu on a Marine base, this private beach was very busy and slightly remote. The area also had a small campground for tenting along the beach.
  • Bellows Recreation Area: Operated by the US Air Force, this is a large recreation area with a variety of cabins, cottages, and lodges. They also have numerous camps sites and group camping areas. Besides the long, beautiful beach, they have a driving range, miniature golf, a game room, and a small store and cafe. 

Kilauea Military Camp Recreation Area
Kilauea Volcano
Our farewell toast.

The last day of our trip finally arrived, and we made our way to the Honolulu airport. All four of us had a late flight to Phoenix, Arizona. Connie and I had never flown "first-class". An upgrade was only $350 each, so we splurged and treated ourselves to a little luxury. Wow! We're spoiled now! I wish we could fly like this all the time, but we're not wealthy. VERY nice, spacious seats that fully reclined. Our flight left at 11:00pm, so having a bed to sleep in for the flight was wonderful.

Our daughter Cynthia met us in Phoenix when we arrived at 8:00am. It was a tight fit for the five of us in her SUV. We had LOTS of luggage. She was our taxi ride to home a couple hours away. Thanks Cindy!

Joyce stuck amongst the luggage
Our First Class Pod

Bob and Joyce stayed with us for Thanksgiving and to get ready for their long road-trip in their motorhome, back to Florida. There were a couple of weeks our neighbors (Randy & Patty) battled pack rats around Bob & Joyce's car, that was in our driveway. Luckily, everything was fine with no damage to their car or motorhome, that was in the same storage lot we use for our trailer. Finally, it was time for them to get back on the road and continue their adventure. We had our farewell dinner, together with Randy & Patty at our local Mexican restaurant, and they departed the next day. They are great traveling companions and I'm sure it won't be long before we go on another adventure with them.

We all had a great time! The cruise was relaxing (as we got spoiled), New Zealand is beautiful, and we had fun in Hawaii. Before this adventure had even ended, I was already planning "Epic" adventure 2023. But you'll need to wait until the next blog for that ....  

Location (Map)

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Planning for "Epic Adventure 2023"
Day 57 - "Epic" New Zealand Adventure 2022


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