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Our Travel Adventures

Welcome to the Adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar.

Coming Soon - 2023 "Lands" Epic Adventure


 Only 9 days until we depart on our 2023 "Lands" Epic Adventure. This trip starts off with a flight to London, England with a bus ride to Southampton to catch a 16-day cruise. On this cruise, we'll be visiting Ireland, Iceland, and Greenland. When we return to Southampton, it's another bus ride to London to pick up our 6-meter rental camper van. From there, it's a 6-week driving trip around England, Wales (land?), and Scotland. With visiting all of these "lands", why not call it our "Lands" Epic Adventure.

A Stressful Month

This past month+ has been a bit of a confusing, stressful, and depressing one.

For Father's Day, we visited Connie's parents in California. We enjoyed the 7-hour road trip and the week's visit with them. However, after departing and into a few hours of our drive back to Arizona, we got the call that Larry's dad had passed away. It was just a month ago that we made a road-trip to Washington state to visit with him. He was 95 years old, and we knew his health was declining quickly and he was on hospice care, but it's still a shock when you get "the call". 

We weren't back in Arizona more than a few days when we got another call from Connie's family that her dad was in the hospital. We packed up and were about 2 hours into our drive back to California when we got "the call" again. Connie's dad had passed away on June 25th. We both lost our fathers, 5 days apart. We hung out in California for a couple weeks helping with the arrangements and visiting family. We had a wonderful "Celebration of Life" get-together on July 2nd, with over 200 people attending. Rest in Peace Jack Davidson.

Unfortunately, dealing with Larry's dad's arrangements became complicated. He passed away on June 20th in Washington state. However, his memorial services and funeral weren't until July 25th in Arizona. There were complications getting a death certificate approved in Washington, which prevented anything from happening. Larry's dad was shipped and buried with military honors. Alaska Airlines did an incredible job when flying dad to Arizona. Finally, family from around the US converged in Arizona for his services. It was wonderful seeing my brothers and sister, but not under these conditions. Rest in Peace George Farquhar.

Goodbye Trailer - Hello Motorhome

Imagine XLS 17MKE
Our 2023 Unity TB

After selling our 2011 40' Tiffin Phaeton motorhome in 2020, we purchased a 17' Grand Design Imagine 17MKE camping trailer.  We had purchased my parent's house that year and no longer needed the large diesel-pusher motorhome. The idea was to go small, allowing us shorter trips and access to smaller campgrounds. In the past two years, we only used the trailer about 5 times, partly because of our international travels in 2021 and 2022 and the snowy winters we have here. We never fell in love with a trailer, and we missed having a motorhome.

This past month, we purchased a 2023 Leisure Travel Vans Unity TB 25' motorhome. So far, we've only used it twice. We had other plans and camping reservations, but those were changed because of the family issues. We're already making plans for later this year and for 2024. I think we'll be much happier with the Unity, and we'll be making more trips with her. We're already planning a 3-month trip in the motorhome for mid 2024. I'll do a detailed write-up on our LTV Unity after our return from our 2023 "Land" Epic Adventure.

Location (Map)

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Week 1 - 2023 "Lands" Epic Adventure
Planning for "Epic Adventure 2023"

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