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June 2008 Travel Log

06/22/08: Kinnikinnick Campground, Huntington Lake, CA: About half of the 15 campgrounds, 2 group camps, and 4 day use areas I manage are about 23 miles from Huntington Lake. They are located in deeper wilderness back country we refer to as the "high country". The drive is mostly a narrow one-lane EXTREMELY bumpy road. But the scenery is GORGEOUS! I make this 60 mile round trip drive once a week to visit the campgrounds and employees. While it's a beautiful drive, it's also very tiring and stressful. More than once I've come within inches of hitting an on-coming car or rock, with a cliff on one side. There's MANY blind curves. I've included a photo below showing the road, and the view.

The campgrounds we have up there are near Lake Edison, Florence Lake, and Ward Lake. Due to the narrow, windy road, it's mostly tent camping. However, every once in awhile, we'll see some crazy fool trying to take a 30'+ trailer or motor home up there. Here's a sampling of the beauty in this area. It's near the Kaiser Wilderness and is part of the High Sierra Nevada mountains.

The High Sierra Mountains  The Road to the High Sierra Mountains Edison Lake Lake Edison The High Sierra Mountains Huntington Lake Regatta

Back at Huntington Lake, the Sailboat Regatta's have started. There are sailboat races here every weekend.

06/02/08: Kinnikinnick Campground, Huntington Lake, CA: Business has been slow in the campgrounds. Memorial Day weekend promised to be a busy time, as we were about 75% reserved. However, a snow storm came through that weekend. We had a few inches of snow fall during the weekend. There were over 60 cancellations and those brave campers who did come up usually stayed for 1 night, then left. It was pretty and made for a quiet holiday weekend. Since then, there haven't been too many other campers. But the weather is getting much nicer and we're starting to see more boats and campers in the area. As it gets hotter in Fresno, we'll get busier up here. We're all settled in and starting to work out daily schedules. But it's wonderful waking up to such beautiful scenery and being able to walk out the door and be at work. We're currently starting our 2 days off. It's the fist days off we've had in a couple weeks. We worked through our previous days off to get the campgrounds open and running for the holiday weekend.

I've updated our monthly expense report. May expenses were higher than I'd like (especially compared to May of last year), but we took a 4-day trip back to Arizona for Cynthia's graduation. We'll try to get June's expenses down as low as possible.

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