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Many of the modifications we made to our previous motorhome were moved over to our new Phaeton. Below are the modifications we've made to our 2010 Phaeton:

  • MotoSat Internet Satellite - We had our previous MotoSat automated satellite system removed from the old motorhome and installed on the Phaeton. In addition to giving us high-speed Internet, we also have a "Bird on Wire" installed that uses the same dish to receive DirecTV. At the same time, we upgraded to a MotoSat D3 controller and a HughsNet HN7000S Modem. We had also been having many problems with the HughesNet satellite we were on, so we requested a new satellite assignment. We're now using the Galaxy-11 (91W) satellite.

  • Stinky Slinky Carrier - Carrying the long 4" expanding sewer hose can be a challenge. I don't like the idea of cramming it into the water bay. I removed the 6' PVC pipe I had installed on the old motorhome and installed it ont he Phaeton. I found a location directly below the sewer/water bay to install this large pipe. It also happen to be directly in front of the rear tires. I wired the pipe carrier onto the bottom of the motorhome. Now, the stinky slinky has it's own place and is easily accesable when setting up the RV.

  • CB Radio -   Another transplant from the old motorhome was the Cobra 75-WX-ST Citizens Band two-way radio. All of the functionality is installed in the handset. Tiffin installs CD antennas as a standard item. It was easy to connect the CB radio and mount it in the corner of the dash.

  • RoadMaster "Falcon All-Terrain" Tow-Bar - The Falcon All-Terrain folds up and remains on the motorhome, and quickly attaches to the Jeep. It self-adjusts, making it a one man hookup job. I opted for the removable brackets that attach to the Jeep. The brackets are easily removed for off-road adventures. I feel more secure using this towbar, and hooking up is a breeze. We gave away our older "Falcon 2" towbar and purchased the new "All-Terrain". It's MUCH easier to unhook the Jeep, as there's no more binding.

  • Hughes AutoFormer - Another transplant from the old motorhome. Many RV Parks have very low voltage. One we stayed in was as low as 98 volts (120 volts is normal)! Although the electrical equipment will run on low voltage, it's real hard on it. Motors, A/C compressors, and the Microwave will all burn out much faster on low voltage. The Hughes Autoformer is the highest recommended power booster for RV's. If incoming voltage drops below 118 volts, the autoformer will boost the voltage back to 118 volts. It will boost the voltage to 118 volts, with incoming as low as 95 volts. Also available in a 30-amp, I purchased the 50-amp model since the RV has 50-amp service.