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When packing to go full-timing Larry asked, “Do we really need all these blankets?”

Our blanket stock consists of:

  • 1 Heavy comforter
  • 1 Light comforter

  • 1 Wool blanket
  • 1 Velux blanket
  • 1 Thermal blanket

  • 2 medium weight regular blankets
  • 1 Electric mattress pad
  • 2 sleeping bags

This last winter we have run the whole gambit of our arsenal of blankets. I’m used to staying in one place and pretty much knowing what to expect from one day to the next. But this last winter we traveled practically the whole time and experienced a whole years worth of weather in one season. Sometimes in just one week, like this last week. <pWho knew making the bed could be so challenging; the big question every day – “How many blankets should we put on this time?”

We spent 4 months in Florida this year, 2 sitting still in Ft. Walton Beach and 2 touring the rest of the state. I don’t think there were ever two weeks in a row that were the same. We are not big fans of humidity, so the least little bit we felt. “Okay, let’s start out with just the sheets and the light comforter.” If we’re lucky and have hookups, we’ll run the A/C or just the fan. By the end of the week, whether it is weather change or location change, we find we are piling on both comforters, the wool blanket, the Velux blanket, and if we’re lucky to have hookups, turning on the electric mattress pad. <pIt’s been crazy, this weather stuff. Some days it’s not a gradual change. We can go from the bitter cold to the heat. This hasn’t just happened in Florida either. It has been along our southern route into Texas too. We have been in those places where we haven’t had hookups and all of the blankets have gone on the bed, except for the sleeping bags. We haven’t been in an area where we have needed to include those too, but they are there if we ever do need them. Needless to say, we keep these blankets in easy accessible places.

So to answer your question Larry, “Yes!” And aren’t you glad we did?