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Welcome to the adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar. We semi-retired in our mid 40's and started traveling full-time in our motor homeImagine in September 2004. We extensively traveled North America for over 16 years. In 2020, we sold our motor home and bought a "sticks and bricks" home in Arizona. We now trravel worldwide. When not on an "Epic" trip, we travel locally with a 17' camping trailer. You can read more about us here.

We love to travel and explore, which is evident in the following pages. Grab a cup of coffee and take a look around. We've found a ton of useful information on the Internet, and hope we're able to provide some back in return. We hope you find something useful here and come back to visit soon.


As of: December  15, 2022
Where are we now? Arizona
Where are we going next ?

England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, & Greenland, Aug-Sep 2023

Number of Countries Visited: 26

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13 March 2023
Even before last year's "Epic" adventure was finished, we started discussing what we would do for 2023. After listing the different places and countries we wanted to visit, we settled on visiting Iceland. Earlier in the year, we m...
08 December 2022
2022 Travels
While we were in Hawaii, I took the opportunity to visit five different U.S. Military Recreation Areas. We took photos, some videos, and gathered current information on these four locations to update my U.S. Military Campgrounds and RV Parks web...
20 November 2022
2022 Travels
We've been enjoying our short Hawaiian stay, playing tourist most of the time. A couple days after we arrived, Connie and I caught another short flight to the "Big Island" (Hawaii). We were here to visit Connie's cousin, Jack Lane and his wife S...
11 November 2022
2022 Travels
While staying in Queenstown, Connie, Bob and Joyce took another wine and beer tasting tour. They visited 3 wineries and sampled over 12+ wines (and some beer). They again enjoyed their tour event.   It was another beautiful drive to th...
05 November 2022
2022 Travels
When we arrived in Dunedin and got settled in, we took a walk around the city center for dinner. Along the walk, Connie took several photos of the unique architecture and monuments. We also visited the "steepest street" in the world, according to the...