Information on this website is our opinion only. This site was created to help others considering this wonderful lifestyle, and for our own use.

Welcome to the adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar. We semi-retired in our mid 40's and started traveling full-time in our motor homePhaeton and Jeep in September 2004. We love to travel and explore, which is evident in the following pages. Grab a cup of coffee and take a look around. We've found a ton of useful information on the Internet, and hope we're able to provide some back in return. We hope you find something useful here and come back to visit soon.

This website was created in 2002 and was fairly active until 2009. But the popularity of Facebook almost killed this website. Many of the articles here are older and were written for our first motohome, but the articles are still valid. In 2010, we purchased our 40' Tiffin Phaeton motorhome and have a few articles related to improving this home. In 2014, the website was revitalized. Primarily, since we'll be making a long desired trip to Alaska in 2015. We plan to keep a "blog" on our travels, photos and other information. Okay - that lasted a year before the Blog went dead again. But we're starting to travel again in 2019, so I'll REALLY try to keep this Blog active (again).

These pages are filled with information on our previous Jeep and motorhome and the modifications we've made, our lifestyle of living, working and traveling full time in our motorhome, photographs, and much more.

BLOG - this is a new area of the website where we'll start posting our travel logs and other info. Check it out.

ARTICLES - this section of the website has various "articles" on a variety of topics.

PHOTO GALLERY - hundreds of photos from our travels around the world, and of major family events.

We try to update the web site as often as possible. Thanks for stopping by!

Latest Blogs

06 August 2020
2020 Travel Logs
 For the past year, Connie and I have been making plans to take our full time RV travel plans to the next level. As Johnny Cash sings, "I've been Everywhere Man". Reading the words in Johnny's song, there's only 5 or 6 places mentioned that we h...
19 July 2020
2020 Travel Logs
It was time to get to Arizona and help manage my Dad's house. We usually don't like to "rush" anywhere, but it was important we get back to the west soon. We planned a 12-day trip to get from Massachusetts to Arizona. Not really "rushing", but a pret...
01 July 2020
2020 Travel Logs
When leaving the Gifford Pinchot State Park in Pennsylvania, we had a small problem bringing in a slide-out. We discovered we had a stow-away family tucked up under the awning. Unfortunately, I'm now a home wrecker and baby murderer. One of the eggs ...
18 June 2020
2020 Travel Logs
Before leaving Ohiopyle State Park in Pennsylvania, we made one last day trip out exploring. This turned out to be a fun filled day! While enjoying a beautiful drive on the Pennsylvania country roads, we stumbled upon the "Kings Bridge",  a...
02 June 2020
2020 Travel Logs
When May 22nd arrived, the Pennsylvania State Parks opened to camping. We had a 14-day reservation at Ohiopyle State Park, located in the southwestern part of the state. After leaving the little campground in Virginia, we were surprised the GPS took ...