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Our Travel Adventures

Welcome to the Adventures of Larry and Connie Farquhar.

Although I've had my new sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System, aka Drone) for 3 months, I finally decided to test the "Follow-Me" and "Watch-Me" flight modes. All worked very well. These flight modes work as follows:

Follow-Me - The sUAS follows the GPS signal from the tablet or phone, keeping the subject in the center of the video screen. I used my Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet inside of the Jeep and drove away. Sure enough, the 3DR Solo followed me. This was on "medium" speed settings and I got to 25mph. In "speed" mode, Solo should go up to 55mph. I'll try that another time, This test was done on a windy day and you can see Solo sliding around when staying in one place as it fought the wind.

Watch-Me - The sUAS stays in one place, but keeps the GPS signal in the center of the video screen. Solo simply "yaws" (turns) as needed to stay on the subject.

This was done using a 3D Robotics Solo with a GoPro Hero 4 Black camera. Filmed at 1920x1080/60fps. The telemetry at the bottom of the video was added using the "Dashware" program.