Information on this website is our opinion only. This site was created to help others considering this wonderful lifestyle, and for our own use.

We talk to many people about our lifestyle of living and traveling full time in our motorhome, and we usually get a response that they wished they could do it. We admit, this lifestyle isn't for everyone. But it you love adventure, get along good with your significant other, and want to experience life rather than just living it, then you're a god candidate for full timing. Many people visiting this web site say they plan to go full timing in a few years, or such. I always wonder why wait? I understand there may circumstances that may force the waiting, but not always. Sometimes the "circumstances" are self imposed and really aren't obstacles.

When we decided to take the leap, Connie read a cliché somewhere, which is she's now claimed as her motto. "Life isn't a dress rehearsal." We were in our mid/upper 40's when we started this lifestyle, and didn't have a high retirement to support us. But we knew we wanted to do this, even if it only lasted a few years. We wanted to say "We did it", rather than "I wished we would have". We figured why wait? Let's go enjoy life now. We heard many stories of friends who had unexpected tragedies in their life. You never know what tomorrow brings.

Well, a recent story we're familiar with first-hand prompted me to write this. For the past 6 years, we've been meeting friends almost every winter in the Arizona desert. There's one couple we met almost every season. The husband was retired and wanted to go full timing real bad, but his wife loved her job and wasn't ready to give it up yet. These people were the life of the party and a pleasure to be around. Last year, she decided it was time for her to retire and they could finally hit the road. It wasn't soon after her retirement, while finalizing plans to start traveling full time in their RV, that he had serious medical problems. They never left. We feel bad for them, as he wanted this dream so bad. Perhaps they couldn't have prevented waiting, but we still wonder. Why wait?