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Moving North - Slowly

Moving North - Slowly

'll This past month has found us slowly moving North, towards Alaska. After we left Seal Beach, we spent a week at Fairways RV Park at the Naval Base in Port Heuneme, CA. We enjoyed our lazy stay there, visiting Point Mugu and catching up on some more computer work. After our week here, we moved a little further north to the California Army National Guard campground at Cam San Luis Obispo, CA. Another week was spent here. Since we're pretty well got up on work, we had a chance to relax. Larry got to fly his Iris+ "quadcopter" a few times. We also went into San Luis Obispo a few times. They have a great street market on Thursday evenings.

Our next stop was at Lemoore Naval Air Station RV Park, CA. We had a training meeting to attend in the Sequoia National Monument and needed a place to leave the motor home for a few days. Having the security of being on a military base is comforting. This meeting is why we've been working hard on the computer files. It was time to deliver them and train the staff at California Land Management. This is their annual "startup" managers meeting. All went well for the week. Much training was provided and our "eHost" system delivered to be used at 118 campgrounds this year. The 'eHost" system is a great time saver for camp hosts, as well reducing paper and mathematical errors. Many people don't realize how much paperwork a camp host as to maintain. Our "eHost" system eliminates 90% of the forms a camp host usually needs to complete. The system received high praises from many of the managers. There was also a request to create the eHost for an additional 17 campgrounds. Looks like we're not done working yet!

After the week at Lemoore, we moved north again and stooped for the night at the Colusa Casino in Colusa, CA. (where else?). One of the resources we use to find places to spend the night while traveling is at the Casino Camper website. Many casinos allow RV's to spend the night in the parking lot, usually for free. But we always go in a lose a few bucks on the one-armed bandits and have dinner. This time  was no exception, except it was only hot dogs this time. We had stopped for lunch at the famous Anderson's Split Pea Soup restaurant for lunch earlier. Neither Connie or I were very hungry.

On the road the next morning, but needed to fill up on Diesel first. We've been pleasantly surprised that diesel is still under $3 a gallon in California. How nice this would be if fuel prices stayed low all summer!

During this leg of our trip, our destination is Portland, OR. We need new tires on the motor home, as well as our annual servicing. There's no sales tax in Oregon, so we'll save around $600 on the tires alone. Since we have the time, we deviated a little bit to visit Klamath Falls, OR. I've always wanted to check out the military campground there at the Air National Guard at Kingsley Field, OR. We've been here for a couple days and will head out tomorrow for Portland. However, for today, we're getting ready to go visit the nearby Crater Lake National Park.

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Thursday, 29 July 2021

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