Rodent Attacke Update - Updated

This is an update to the previous update Connie wrote. Would you believe that wasn't the end of being attacked by squirrels?

We ended up "eliminating" 3 squirrels and a chipmunk INSIDE of the motor home. They had chewed through the heater ducting again AND through more furnace wiring! I had just repaired the damage and was putting it all back together again, when I heard a %$#@! squirrel in the heater duct again one foot from my head! That was it!

We packed up and ran away from those pesky rodents. We moved to Oh Ridge campground, which was about a 15 mile move. Besides getting away from the squirrels, it gave us new scenery and away from the office. It's actually real nice and quiet here. We only had a few weeks left here before we leave, so the short move was welcomed. And we GOT AWAY from the squirrels! We've been at Oh Ridge Campground for about a week now, and no sign of a squirrel. There's have plenty of chipmunks here, but no squirrels (not many trees). So far, the chipmunks haven't bothered us (that we know of).

We think we found how the squirrels were getting into the motor home basement and heater ducting. Above the rear tires, we can see the heater duct going to the bedroom. The rodents can climb up there and probably chewed through the insulation into the heater duct. This gave them access to the furnace and the basement. The problem is, "I" can't access this small crawl space to repair the heater duct in that location. Either I'll block off that ducting, or we now have an additional duct heating the basement. At least it's directly above the water tank.

Another 10 days here, then we're moving to Arizona.